Free Donk Samples For Fl Studio

The free donk bass loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these donk bass loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. How to make donk bass?How to make hard bass bass?How to make hardbass instrument?How to slav sound?All question will be answered.FLP Download - https://drive.

After A very long time i decided to make a new Donk Machine.its for windows 32 bit only. download it here presets from Quadrasonic and myself.the order of patches in this demo are as follows:PROWHEEL4CUPSALAN AZTEC DONKKB VIRUSQUADRDONKUNITED KINGDOM XHIT HOUSE DONKSTOMPIN TIN CAN SYSTEMAH HAREVOLUTION RECORDSHIT HOUSE SUB GROWLINIT X - WITH VERB


Comment by RODOL VX

@wavecolliderofficial: you can turn the 32 bit version to 64 bit with JBridger

Comment by Wave Collider

I'd really love a 64 bit version, anyway... Good job! ♥


Comment by Charllyen WTF

me gusta, te permite hacer buenas creaciones.

Comment by em 666

ебать это так хорошо !

Comment by Etobio

@dougis look up fm synthesis

Comment by zBraxGG


Comment by Alan Aztec

@foxythefoxsfm: hey.. unfortunately i can't do 64bit vversion... but you can simply convert it using Jbridge -

Comment by Gopnik DJ

Blin it is good!

Comment by Dougi

Is there some sort of manual to the knobs? It will be interesting to know what every knob goes for, thanks mate!

Comment by Helyx

@koylmusic: hey i know u! youre they guys with the san holo remix :P

Comment by Alan Aztec

@koylmusic: you're welcome mate.

Comment by KOYL

I love this! Thank you so much! This VST works great

Comment by shax

love this plugin.

Comment by DJ Nando CP

Can't wait for a mac osx version! Love this synth!

Comment by P!Xel / NecK / 100μF / O.C.D. / Hooverdrive

Oh my god

Comment by Le Ruse Bird

Using GarageBand is suffering.

Comment by DJ Nando CP

thank you very much for the VST bro!! You are great!!

Comment by andreasb

awww yeahhh !!

Comment by ☢️ JOAN X ☢️

Donk House

thanks mate youre the best ;)

Comment by DaveCastellano&DjFatSteve

PUT A DONK ON IT :) thank u

Comment by Sonic Phaze


mac support?

Comment by Doyle-E

some class traks will be made from this pure energeeeeeee

Comment by beno_1987


Comment by leemp83

Ta la

Comment by Alan Aztec

@dj-gaz-oh: np mate, enjoy!

Comment by Alan Aztec

@remane: sorry mate, no 64bit support, you can try software called J-Bridge that might work to bridge it over.

Comment by Gaz O'H

thnx alot

Comment by Remane

is a 64bit version in the works Alan? I'd pay for it :)

Comment by Alan Aztec

if anyone who uses this plugin wants to email me a review for the interwebs please do so at

Comment by Alan Aztec

@gisbo: ah asif, i didnt know that, NICE!

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